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We’re pleased to announce that the music video for “Should’ve” is live and ready to watch! 

A huge thank you to Andy Volk for directing and editing the video and to Devon Hubner for filming. It was really amazing to watch this grow from a happy hour discussion to a music video. We’re very thankful to have worked with such an amazing group of people. We hope you enjoy the video!

Starring: Claire Thompson (Alice), Paul Gliamis (Dad), Farron Barrier (Young Alice), Cade Taylor (Student), Erica Keaveney (Student), Kurt Wade (Teacher), Lance Fohrenkam (Cop), Eric Mountcastle (Cop), Cole Paramore (Mask) & James Rosales (Mask) 

Grip and Lighting: Casey Schmidt (Northwest Grip), Jamie Nadel, Connor Merrion & Michael Olee 

Special Thanks: Anthony Absher, Scott Anders, Karen Barrier, Jillian Foote, Hailey Hackett, Ron Leamon, Connor McKeon & Shea Taisey 

"You Tell Me" now available on Spotify, Apple Music & more.